What my clients have to say about my services …

Refreshed and Rejuvenated.

Go see Laken she works wonders. Her hands are magical and can heal any part of your body that is aching or in pain. She is the best and her touch will prove it. I didn’t know what to expect after my accident and since she’s worked on me I feel refreshed and rejuvenated again. You won’t be disappointed, give her a call today.
Bobby Ingram, Google Review


I’ve been going to see Laken for many years now. She always works her magic. I recommend going to see her if you are in pain.
Adrian Oehrlein, Google Review

Your back pain and sore muscles will be gone!

I came to Laken because I had pain in my shoulder and limited mobility/flexibility in various parts of my body. Laken and I started out by having a short consultation, making sure that all of my problem areas were going to be addressed and specifically what needed to be worked on in order to improve my limitations. After my massage, my mobility improved, my body felt less tense and I felt great. Laken suggested stretches and follow-up sessions to improve my overall body health—which I would also recommend as well. For people that work in the office, law enforcement, fitness folks, anything where you’re sitting or in a position for a prolonged period of time, go to Laken for a professional, high-quality massage. Your back pain and sore muscles will be gone!
Michael Andrew, Facebook Review

Pain Free.

Laken is the most wonderful therapist!! She helped me get out of pain multiple times. I usually get headaches about once a month and those have completely stopped since seeing her regularly. Go see her!
Tiffany Sylvester, Google Review

Listens and Finds Solutions…

Excellent job for my challenging post op situation!! Laken really did a great job of listening to my needs and finding great solutions. I’ll be referring anyone I can!
Anna Sappah, Facebook Review

The Best…

Great experience, I’ve been to a few therapist and Ms Amberg is definitely the best.
Bob Ransom, Facebook Review

Outstanding Massage and Rehabilitation.

I met Laken as a result of needing Physical Therapy done on my shoulder, after a total rebuild. That was several years ago. The massaging and rehabilitation were outstanding. I got pain relief and a better range of motion. I would highly recommend Laken!!! I continue to visit her for follow-up work and have incorporated full body massages in my visits. I always feel great as a result of my time with her. Thank you Laken!!!
Scott Sexon, Google Review