Our Massage Therapy Prices

Our location is relaxed and private. We control the atmosphere and focus on giving you the premium care you deserve. Give yourself 60 minutes of undisturbed, focused, tender, love, and care. $165.00 for one session. Packages available upon request, Insurance accepted.

1 hour Massage- Senior Therapist $165*
Time of Service Discount for non-insurance clients.

90 minute Massage $245
Time of service discount applied for non-insurance clients.

*Military/EMS Discount $135

60 Minute Package Deal**
$620 for four sessions and $1400 for nine sessions.

90 Minute Package Deal**
$940 for four sessions and $2120 for nine sessions.

**Pay for packages in the office after first session.

Payment Options & Insurances Accepted

We accept cash, personal insurance, worker’s compensation insurance, motor vehicle insurance.

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The manipulation of mind and body that allows the detachment of external circumstances and integrate fully in the present moment. This is done by moving soft tissue, fluid, and electricity throughout your body for a deeper connection with self.

Having an Event? Invite Us to Cater To You!

We will travel to your location for groups of 4, 8, or 12 individuals. Special pricing for bridal showers and conferences.

$50.00 travel expense, $95.00 massage rate plus 20% Gratuity.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does Bodyworks Therapy accept Insurance?

Yes, we accept personal insurance, worker’s compensation insurance and motor vehicle insurance.

How does insurance work with auto accidents?

Massage therapy is covered under all motor vehicle insurance plans that have medco coverage which you can see on your auto policy or the party’s policy that is responsible for the accident. Receiving treatment for an MVA does not have to be used in conjunction with other treatment but may require a referral or prescription from a physician.

What you really need to know about massage therapy?

Pressure is based on your personal pain scale, 1 being the lowest and 5 being painful and very uncomfortable–the massage should be balanced at a pain level of 3 at the highest. The benefits of massage are measured by the improvement of physical limitations or reduction prominent thought patterns by producing pain relief and relaxation. This allows hormone production in the gut and mind to return to balanced state. After a session, it is normal to expect soreness or possibly bruising up to three days after treatment.

How do I get started?

Give us a call for a consultation to determine how Bodyworks Therapy can help you and what services will give you the best results. This quick intake will allow us to determine the next step for your plan of care because every client’s program is completely personalized and different. This also allows for time to verify any insurance and gather the appropriate paperwork needed.

Can massage therapy benefit children?

Yes, growing pains are real! Many children develop poor posture during their adolescences and without corrective pattern changes, they could become permanent and affect them as adults. Massage therapy is extremely helpful to ease pain for scoliosis, anterior pelvic tilts or any other structural creativity. During the first couple sessions parents, will be asked to sit in during the session and participate in the child care plan.

What are the benefits from massage therapy?

Massage therapy treats the body, mind and spirit- but what does that really mean? Massage benefits for the mind live in your neurohormonal system created by the hypothalamus in the brain. The hypothalamus regulates the hormones that are released in our body directly effecting our mood, sense of spiritual and physical wellbeing. Many therapists and health care providers have assumed the benefits of massage therapy but it is not until recently that we have invested money into research that will prove it.

The TOUCH Research Institute at the University of Miami has successfully conducted experiments proving what happens in our brain during or after a treatment of massage therapy. What they found is that cortisol levels dropped–stress hormone, which can represent inflammation. Other neurohormonal chemicals released by massage therapy are serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin. Physical benefits are obvious but let’s list some of them here: Reduced inflammation, decreased pain, Improved range of motion in the joints, lengthening and shortening muscles (used for posture corrections), and to relax overused muscles by encouraging the lactic acid in the individual muscles to transfer into the lymphatic system and blood stream, rather than out of the body.

Now the spirit! The biggest kept secret of human race: the spirit benefits from massage therapy by aligning mind and body together. The balance of the mind and body allows you to directly communicate with your spirit. This happens by letting go of the past, physically and emotionally, and acknowledging how powerful the mind is with habitual thought processes. Massage therapy is a tool and one single gateway to tap into the mind, body and spirit.

Do you need another reason to validate your desire to come see us?

Well you’re in luck, studies have proven that massage therapy can benefit you and others around you. What! How? Dopamine and oxytocin are the nuerohormones that make you feel satisfied and pleasured. When your system is flooded with pleasure and satisfaction, the same hormones get released in people you interact with–like a reflection.

We all have people in our lives that we absolutely love to be around and it’s because of this chemical reaction that happened between people. Lower cortisol levels allows your body to send its energy to the digestion system improving your metabolism. Having a balanced metabolism will help you lose the weight you gained faster, regulates digestion, give you clear skin and makes you a vibrant energy being.